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>u> You said you wanted a big cock…

… That’s good. x3

Well, that was random. >-<

Kudos to whoever gets the reference… >-<

With Dr. Procrastipony!

… well there you go! O-O

Sincerest Apologies

As the title says, I’d like to apologize for the big lack of updates recently. Both miss 8-Bit and myself have been needing a little break from things, but we promise that we’ll get back to updating Ask Cootersneeze as soon as we can!

Sorry again!


((OoC: I already started the new semester so maybe I won’t upload as much as before, please be patient dear followers, I’m not planning to abandon this ^^

BTW I’ll put a simple banner in the blog, I’m not sure how to make one xD tell me what you think of it ^^))

You should definitely go and follow her blog, I love it!

Result of the Livestream! Hope you all like! ^-^

Result of the Livestream! Hope you all like! ^-^


If you’re interested! <3

I kinda wrote a fanfic!

It would be awesome if you’d check it out! It’s about OC Ponies! ^-^

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